Julie-ann Stacey


About Julie-ann Stacey  B.N.,Dip Nat.,Dip H.M., Dip A.H.

I began my journey studying a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine at the age of 48. It was a dream I had for over 20 years. In reflection maybe I had to go through obstacles and life experiences to have the ability to work with people and truly understand empathy and compassion. My life journey has not been without struggle and hard lessons. Throughout the journey, it has taught me how to be non-judgemental and empathic, awakening with honesty and action with self, others and all that needs to be seen at that time (physiologically, spiritually and emotionally) One of the many lessons I have learnt through my own healing journey is the recognition of how emotions are a significant factor in the root cause of most of our health concerns. 

I recognised the connection to how our biography becomes our biology which cannot be ignored and needs to be explored during the healing process.

When I was able to look at myself and take responsibility into the part I played  in the dis-ease which  manifested in my physical body, I believe it was at this moment when I allowed supressed emotions to be released this was the beginning of the  healing process . Understanding my own health issues and the root cause both physiological and emotional I believe I can more effectively assist others on their journey to improve health outcomes and experience wellness and wellbeing.