OZONE....supercharge your immune system

Ozone is produced naturally in the stratosphere when highly energetic solar radiation strikes molecules of oxygen, O2, and cause the two oxygen atoms to split apart . ...When they recombine under the right circumstances ozone can be formed,03. Also  on the earth, ozone can be formed in thunderstorms or simply by the crashing of waves on rocks or the beach. Is this one of the reasons so many people love to be close to the beach ? In Australia aborigines refer to the smell after a thunderstorm as the "gidgee", which has a distinct odor.

Ozone can be generated artificially by passing high voltage electricity through oxygenated air (high voltage discharge), causing oxygen to break apart and recombine in the 03 form.



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Ozone has many favourable effects on the human body. The first focuses on the increased energy production ozone triggers in your body:

  • Increased ATP(cellular energy production)

  • More efficient fat and glucose metabolism

  • Anti Ageing and rejuvenation

  • Accelerated healing

  • Supercharged disease prevention

Ozone works in such a powerful way because it triggers more efficient oxygen (O2) utilization, how well oxygen is absorbed and utilised in your system.

Oxygen is needed for energy production – Oxygen  metabolizes fat or glucose into water, heat, carbon dioxide, NADH, and ATP – making it the most efficient way to gain energy. 

There are several ways to obtain oxygen into your system, including Hyperbaric Oxygen, however they all lack the ability to increase utilization and be used efficiently in the body.

The question is not only how to get more oxygen into your body, but how you can more efficiently use oxygen throughout the body.


Normally, this is achieved primarily through exercise. The more you get used to exercise and build up your exercise tolerance, the more oxygen you take up and release faster into our cells. You create small oxidative stress and this consequently creates a cascade of chemical reactions in your body that improve oxygen utilization.


When you have a low Oxygen utilisation you are tired and exhausted and have what is called exercise intolerance. This means sensitivity to cold, low body temperature, fatigue, exhaustion, low endurance, and as an end result, chronic disease.

Ozone bridges that gap, and simulates exercise. In O3, there are three oxygen molecules, and as soon as those get into the body one oxygen molecule splits off.  This singlet O oxidises pathogens and unhealthy tissue and causes a cascade of chemical reactions. NADH /  NAD is formed, pro anti inflammatory cytokines are lowered  as well as NRF2 is triggered which cause a healing reaction within your system. This small oxidative stress activates growth factors and anti-inflammatory response, which simulates exercise.

So, if you do regular ozone treatments, you actually simulate regular exercise.


In more detail, hemoglobin, which is what makes our red blood cells red, carries oxygen from your lungs throughout the body – through the fine capillaries to every organ and cell in your system.

If these red blood cells are rigid, stiff and greedy they take up little oxygen and release it unwillingly. This is when your body goes into an anaerobic fermentation process which produces little ATP and causes a high acidity. This is the perfect breeding ground for cancer.

O3 activates production of extra pliable SUPER RED BLOOD CELLS that take up and release oxygen much faster and provide much better utilisation.

Drinking one glass of ozone water a day and using an insufflation pack once a day simulates gentle exercise, releases anti-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors which provide the body with excess energy to heal, mend and repair.

As soon as those cells take up and release oxygen easily, they turn your ATP into a powerhouse, and that's why you have lasting endurance and energy do actually do some exercise.Those red blood cells are made in your bone marrow with a lifecycle of around 120 days. So when you start your Ozone treatments it will take close to 120 days to have all of your red blood cells turned into super red blood cells. Therefore do not stop before you have all the energy you need.

There are several ways to get Ozone into your body.  Ozone water, rectal insufflations and females have the added bonus of vaginal insufflations which have have a very powerful impact on the lymphatic system. Any of these treatments help with Oxygen utilisation and increase your quality of life.

You can learn how to use these therapies safely at home at the TRULY HEAL Ozone University. We have created a whole series of videos outlining all the different treatments, how to set up your own home clinic and how to treat particular diseases with ozone

Does Ozone kill good bacteria too ?

Is Ozone dangerous ?

Only if you breathe in ozone then it is dangerous.  Accidental inhalation may lead to minor symptoms like burning of eyes, coughing, nausea or vomiting, or mild headache in very sensitive individual.

Ozone has been proven to be a safe medical therapy, free from side effects. Over six hundred therapists gave feedback regarding their 384,775 patients treated with 5,579,238 ozone administrations.

Only 40 incidents out of 5.58 million treatments were noted , resulting in a
VERY LOW RISK RATE of 0.000007%

What are contra indications ?

The only real contraindication for IV or MAHT Ozone are:

1. Hyperthyroid

2. All cases with Blood Coagulation Failure

3. Bleeding Organs

4.) Epilepsy, seizures

4. Thrombocytopenia

4. Ozone Allergy

5. Hemorrhagic or Apoplectic Stroke 

6. Ozone in low concentrations is known to produce a moderate hypo-coagulation effect, so all the drugs decreasing blood coagulation (anticoagulants, aspirin, etc.) are to be discontinued during the course of ozone therapy. In women the treatment course is to be broken up for menstrual periods.

Rectal insufflations are generally tolerated well, even by patients with hyperthyroid but you should be careful and speak with your health practitioner.


What are the side effects ?

Negative Side Effects

  • Rectal administered ozone may very rarely give mild discomfort, a feeling of passing gas, gurgling, or mild cramps. This is all temporary, mild and passes quickly.

  • Sometimes a patient may have a Herxheimer (Healing) Reaction (detoxification & healing symptoms) during which a patient may feel flu-like symptoms or feel a bit worse temporarily; this improves on continuation of therapy.  This is not an Ozone side effect but a natural healing process seen in other modalities as well.

Sometimes a patient may experience bloating from the die off of candida or other pathogenic bacteria which passes very fast. 

Positive Side Effects

  • Hair and nails grow stronger, longer and faster

  • Skin radiates and takes on a healthy glow

  • More physical energy

  • Ability to fall asleep faster and more restful sleep

  • Needing less sleep

  • Wound healing and tissue repair is expedited

  • Reduction of pathogenic load

  • Detoxification of Petrochemicals

  • Production of NrF2 which increases immunity 

  • Increased production of protective enzymes

Where can I buy an oxygen bottle ?

You can use either medical or industrial oxygen. There is actually no difference in the quality. Medical (99.8% clean) and industrial (99.5% clean) Oxygen are both filled from the same container.

Only the tank is different. Medical is aluminium while industrial is made from steel. If you get an industrial container look for a newish bottle to avoid corrosion inside the tank. 

If you have a prescription you can order a 20 L medial oxygen bottle from your local oxygen supply. 

If you have no prescription do not worry. Just get a 20L bottle from any local welding gas supply. 

We understand that finding a place that offers industrial and medical oxygen can be difficult, so we have done the work for you! Here is a list of suppliers and their contact websites. Of course, there are many more suppliers, some which may be more local to your area but hopefully this can be a starting point.

Where to buy ?


BUNNINGS Building Supply
Mitre 10 and many more.

What treatment is best for my disease ?

Ozone is anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti mold. It kills pathogens on contact. This means when you have any infection which you can reach directly with ozone you can do so with insufflations, bagging and oils and water. 

Most infections live and breed in the mucosa of your body because it's the most fertile ground where it's moist, warm and pathogens have access to loads of food. Your therefore need to treat skin, sinus, ear and the long tube from mouth to your anus. Ozone Water in from the top and rectal ozone insufflations up from your but. 

Because every infection is systemic it is best to do all treatments together or in combination. Treating ear infection externally works but the results when combined with rectal insufflations are 10 x faster. 

In fact you could probably get away with treating any infection  by using Ozone water and rectal insufflation alone. You only expedite the healing process with local application.